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We believe that every child should be supported to realise their full potential; this is achieved by providing activities and opportunities that enable the characteristics of effective learning. Our intent is to ensure that we provide a broad and balanced curriculum which builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills of every child, whatever their starting points, as they progress towards the early learning goals. We make sure that every planned and adult-led activity has a clear intent based on the area or areas of learning and development identified by the practitioner.

We understand that play is essential for a child’s learning and development and that play belongs to children. Our aim is to respond to children’s interests and create learning opportunities that are relevant and engaging. We focus on the prime areas of learning and development with our younger children, ensuring that they are making good progress. As children grow and develop, the specific areas become equally important. Key persons consider the needs, interests and stage of development of each child through regular observation and partnership with parents. If a child’s progress in any area gives cause for concern, we discuss this with their parents as explained in our procedures. We use a range of teaching skills to scaffold children’s learning and look for teachable moments, in other words, tapping-in to whatever has piqued a child’s interest to further extend their learning. The indoor and outdoor learning environments are given equal priority.

We record children’s progress in their learning journey folders. Parents are encouraged to contribute to the learning journeys. We make termly (or as determined by your setting) summative assessments that give a summary of a child’s learning and development over a set period. Our summative assessments are informed by ongoing observation and our knowledge of the unique child. Using the information that we have gathered over a period of time (not always written down), we are able to identify the difference that we have made –the impact



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